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CARGOS 760-740

The CARGOS 700 forage transport wagon.

The CARGOS 700 is available with load volumes of 48.5, 42.5 and 36.5 m3.

CARGOS 760-740

The CARGOS 700 forage transport wagon.

The CARGOS 700 is available with load volumes of 48.5, 42.5 and 36.5 m3.

BUSINESS equipment. A superior offering.

Everything a professional needs.

The CARGOS 700 BUSINESS models are equipped with load-sensing hydraulics with continuous oil circulation and ISOBUS-compatible controls as standard. This allows many functions to be programmed onto the tractor's joystick or function keys or to be controlled directly via an ISOBUS terminal (e.g. COMMUNICATOR II or EASY on board), similar to the functionalities available in the dual-purpose wagons. Numerous functions such as programmable articulating drawbar positions can therefore be automated for increased comfort and efficiency.

The job management feature, which also comes as standard, assists you in documenting your work. Online data exchange is available in combination with the optional EASY on board app with task management.

A sound basis.

The two-speed scraper floor drive, which comes as standard, ensures that all BUSINESS models deliver maximum unloading performance. The large tyres – 26.5" in the standard version, optionally 30.5" – provide for maximum soil protection and nimble operation.

Your option: even greater comfort.

Additional features are optionally available for your CARGOS BUSINESS model:

  • electrohydraulic positive steering with crab steering
  • load weight display (also with external display of the current net weight on the side of the wagon)
  • loading bay cover for loss-free transport
  • automated lighting management

Electrohydraulic positive steering.

As with dual-purpose wagons with comfort hydraulics, the electrohydraulic positive steering with adaptive articulation angle warning and speed-dependent adjustment of the steering line is also available in the CARGOS 700 BUSINESS model. This allows the optimal, fully automatic adjustment of the steering to suit driving conditions. And when making a tight turn, the articulation angle warning assist sounds an acoustic alarm to warn the driver before any collision can occur between the tractor and the trailer drawbar.