TUCANO MONTANA. High performance can be taken even higher.

Five new models.

The five new MONTANA models with a grain tank capacity of up to 11,000 litres are the ideal combine harvesters for areas with compact field patterns. Three are equipped with the APS HYBRID SYSTEM, two with APS straw walker technology. The TUCANO 560 and 430 MONTANA have a transport width of less than 3.50 m with 800-series tyres or even less than 3.30 m with 680-series tyres.

Fully automatic control for side-slope working.

All MONTANA functions run automatically – matched to the angle of the slope in the field. The current lateral compensation is displayed in CEBIS so that the operator can gauge the terrain and the machine's proximity to its operating limit at all times. Manual control of the MONTANA functions is also possible. The controls required for this are integrated conveniently in the armrest. This means, for example, that the chassis can be lowered to the transport position at the push of a button. The machine height is then less than 4.00 metres.

MONTANA feeder housing.

The MONTANA feeder housing is equipped with two vertical rams for AUTO CONTOUR control and up to 20% side slope levelling. AUTO CONTOUR guides the cutterbar precisely over the ground contours and ensures a clean take-up, trouble-free threshing and a uniform stubble height in all crops. Sensors detect the cutting angle so that lateral compensation is always assured, even when the front attachment is raised at the headland or when operating in tall stubble during rapeseed harvesting.

Two routes to efficiency.

Two different operating modes are available for the MONTANA function. When the "Maximum side-slope levelling" setting is selected, the full deflection range of the front axle is used. This mode is recommended for most areas of operation. The "Constant cutting angle" setting restricts the deflection range of the front axle and instead gives priority to the set cutting angle. This mode is preferred when harvesting laid crops but can also be used to optimise the operation of MAXFLEX cutterbars when harvesting low-growing legumes.

Built for really tough terrain.

The MONTANA drive axle.

Threshing just like on level ground. It is the drive axle that gives the MONTANA its exceptional mobility. Hydraulic swing rams turn the portals to adjust the wheels to the ground. The MONTANA chassis compensates for transverse tilt of up to 18%. As a result, it is able to deliver its threshing output on steep terrain as effectively as on level ground. The operator is in a comfortable seated position on any slope, enabling even long working days to be handled without stress.

Overcoming extreme conditions.

You can have your TUCANO MONTANA equipped with a differential lock on the front axle. Activated at the touch of a button on the armrest, the differential lock increases the front axle tractive power. This makes for even more reliable progress under extreme conditions, such as difficult terrain or steep inclines.

The MONTANA ground drive.

Comfortable harvesting with two drive ranges.

The TUCANO MONTANA is equipped with a two-speed manual transmission with automatic adjustment to the engine load. In both gears, operators can call on two drive ranges which are selected on the basis of the load on the ground drive. When maximum traction is required, the machine switches automatically to the lower drive range. No manual selection is necessary. First gear is used during harvesting.

Maximum traction when you need it.

You can operate the MONTANA in two modes: automatic or – when facing extreme terrain or difficult conditions – manual. In this mode, the machine remains in the first drive range. The maximum traction is selected at the touch of a button. An optional all-wheel-drive system provides added assistance by means of wheel hub motors which deliver significantly higher traction compared with the standard machines.